Pine Jam

Frequently Asked Questions?

Sorry no pets. We love ‘em just have had some close calls and prefer not to have any more.

Please leave at home. Come back another non-event weekend and shoot all you want.

There are no on premises sales of alcohol. Adults of legal consumption age are able to bring their own adult beverages for responsible consumption. Texas and local municipal laws apply and Venue is in no way responsible for any and all alcohol related matters and consumption is at attendees sole risk and discretion. Have fun but don’t be dumb or foolish. In the event you are leaving the property for an offsite accommodation darn sure don’t drink and drive. We have plenty of designated drivers available to help get you where you’re going should you need to leave the property.

Just lock the gate when you leave.

Please pick up any and all trash every time you can and dispose of properly in provided trash bins. Pretty simple.

Absolutely! Check out the Sponsorship Page and let’s get going!