Pine Jam

April 5 - April 7

Welcome to Pine Jam

Good hearted women & good timing men come together again Texas style to enjoy camaraderie, laughter, and music as joy is worth jamming.


We’re Jamming Up the County and you’re invited. Event format is acoustic night starting Friday evening with songwriters song swapping followed by powered up in the pasture on Saturday starting around noon. Enjoy jamming? Bring your instrument of choice. Have an ensemble? Let’s see if there’s a fit. Wanna sit in jam? You can. Enjoy listening? Come ‘on!


We have multiple options to accommodate multiple preferences. You are welcome to tent camp on site, rent an RV on site, bring your own RV on site, or stay in nearby lodging.


Pine Jam is a private event with limited capacity and is first come first served. We’ve made an effort to facilitate ticketing in efforts to organize a bit and be able to grow. We hope you will find a spot that works for you and your crew and should you have any questions please reach out!


There are many moving parts when it comes to events and we’re here to help for the best experience possible. Please read through the basics and should you have any further questions by all means please reach out. We aim to provide this event for years to come God willing.