Pine Jam

About Pine Jam

Pine Jam features a signature line up made of musicians coming together to jam. We are now including bands and ensembles into the mix to keep the lineup fresh and interesting. Most of the artists performing at Pine Jam regularly play and tour with separate acclaimed musical groups. Pine Jam provides the unique experience of musicians performing with other musicians (who don’t typically get to play together) and results in creating new ensembles that have never been before. Artists get to play music with new artists while audience members get to experience musical events that have never been organized before. Most performances at Pine Jam are a once in a lifetime experience and have no guarantees of being duplicated again. Pretty hip.

Sonterra Membership

  • Access to stay on property all year long with the exception of Thanksgiving and New Years. 
  • Onsite controlled shooting in designated areas between 9am – 4pm Saturdays. Texas and County Laws apply. 
  • Fishing on 3 ponds. 
  • Access to stay during Weekdays. Utilities, Cleaning, and Service fees apply. 
  • Access to stay during Weekends. Advance booking preferred. Utilities, Cleaning, and Service fees apply. 
  • Onsite & Offsite Mountain Bike Trails 
  • Number of children accepted 

Available while Applicable Fees Apply:

  • Onsite Catering Available upon request. 
  • Delivered & Pre-Stocked Provisions, Food & Beverage upon request. 
  • Onsite Chef, Smoked Meats, Crawfish Boils, and Open Grill  available. 
  • Onsite Professional Photography available for 
  • families, friends, couples, headshots. 
  • Onsite Horses for Horseback guided ride through forrest. 
  • Offsite Horse back rides. 1 – 4 hours. 
  • Booking, private travel and lunch golf outing to nearby. 
  • Corporate Retreats 
  • Corporate Private Events 
  • Company Events 
  • Private Jet Charter with Black Car Pick Up 
  • Exotic Game Hunt on private neighboring 5,000 acre ranch. 
  • Hot Air Balloons
  • Sky Diving over East Texas  
  • Offsite Monster Gar Fishing Expedition 
  • Offsite Extreme ATV Off-roading 
  • Offsite RV Operator Certification 
  • Offsite Private Rodeo for families, social groups and or companies. 
  • Day on Lake Palestine. Captain or Self Captained. 
  • Onsite and or Offsite Paintball 
  • Onsite and or Offsite Conceal Carry License Training. 
  • Breaking & training of Horses
  • Hunting Dog training
  • Delivery of Firewood to primary residence and or business. 
  • Delivery of East Texas mulch to primary residence or business. 
  • First Invite for Sonterra Gallery Night. 
  • First look at Bruce Tinch paintings.