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Join the Pine Jam Volunteers!

Interested in Volunteering at a best private Music event in Texas? Wonderful you’re needed!

Please complete the following information and show up Thursday before the event and stay till Sunday.

Volunteer Positions Include the following, please advise which position you will be best at!

  • Medic
  • Welcome Host at gate entry
  • Security
  • Stage Coordination
  • Grounds Keeping
  • Food Truck Services
  • Studio Facilities
  • Fire Patrol
  • Guest Services
  • Sky Diver
  • Hot Air Balloon Operations
  • Fishing Guide
  • Bike Trail Tour Guide

Being A Volunteer

Each year, thousands of people from all over the world come to Alive and enjoy 3 days of music, camping, and more. However, it all couldn’t happen without the help of our amazing volunteers. If you’re interested in joining the Pine Jam Volunteer this summer, we’d love your help!

What is the Pine Jam Volunteer?

The Pine Jam Volunteer is what we call our awesome volunteers!

What does the Pine Jam Volunteer do?

They work all over the festival for all three days to support the festival staff and attendees and ensure that everyone has an incredible, fun, and safe experience at Pine Jam. As a member of the Pine Jam Volunteer, you could be doing anything from selling a band’s merch, to keeping an eye on various entry points, to greeting everyone as they come and go throughout the park. It’s all up to you and what your personal interests are!

What do I get if I join the Pine Jam Volunteer?

All Pine Jam Volunteer members will receive admission to Pine Jam and you can enjoy the festival whenever you’re not working. You’ll also get the official Pine Jam Volunteer t-shirt, and free showers. Most importantly, you’ll get the sense of being a part of something special—the experience of working at a major music festival, and playing a huge part in everyone’s experience! Not to mention, you’ll make memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Volunteer Uniform

– khaki shorts
– forest green polo shirt
– blue jeans
– forest green polo shirt
– closed toe shoe


How do I join?

Just follow these 7 steps and you’ll be good to go!


Be sure to read through all of the information available including the Pine Jam Volunteer FAQTeam Descriptions, and Pine Jam Volunteer Pledge.


Fill out the Pine Jam Volunteer application!

  • Unless you’ve volunteered in the past and done something wrong (or you’re under the age limit of 18 years old), you can pretty much guarantee that your application will be accepted.


Get assigned to your team!

  • All volunteers will be assigned to a specific team. Meaning that if you get assigned to the Guest Services Team, for example, that’s the team you’ll work on for all of your shifts.
  • This will help build consistency for both you and the festival staff so that you’re trained on everything that they do and aren’t required to learn a new system every day.
  • As part of the application, you’ll be able to choose top two teams you are most interested in working on. While we can’t guarantee you’ll get your top choice, we will do our best to get you on a team that fits your interests.
  • You’ll be assigned to your specific team at least three weeks prior to when you are required to be on-site.


Get your Pine Jam Volunteer schedule!

  • Schedules will also be released at least three weeks prior to when you are required to be on-site.
  • This will allow you to know when you’re supposed to be working and give you an idea of what your free time at Pine Jam will look like. What bands will you get to see? Which ones will you have to miss? All of that will be answered ahead of time so that if you have any issues, you can try and work it out.
  • By giving you your schedules ahead of time, we hope that you’ll be able to resolve any conflicts before you get on site to check-in.


Check in at Pine Jam!

  • If you are able and planning to serve early on Thursday before Pine Jam, we have designated hours available for check-in.
  • All Pine Jam Volunteer members will check in at the Volunteer Check-In. Information about times and where to Check-In is located will be sent to those Pine Jam Volunteer members who have followed through with the whole application process and have been assigned to a team.
  • First time volunteers will need to collect their wristband each day at the Volunteer Check-In and returning volunteers will receive their Full Event Wristband at their first check-in.
  • Once you’ve received your wristband at the Volunteer Check-in you will be directed over to the site to the exclusive volunteer camping areas (or you can join friends or family in the park).


Work your shifts!

  • All volunteers agree to work all three days of the festival (and on Thursday if they are willing).
  • Shifts last 5-6 hours (depending on the team).
  • Be sure to check in 15-20 minutes early to each of your shifts.
  • Check-in locations for your shift will vary depending on which team you are assigned to.
  • All Pine Jam Volunteer members are expected to be on time, and wearing appropriate clothing for their shift:
  • Always wear your Pine Jam Volunteer t-shirt when you’re working and be sure to wear something else when you’re not. We don’t want to confuse someone who’s supposed to be working with someone who isn’t.
  • No open-toed shoes or sandals, please.
  • Think about the type of work that you’re going to be doing when deciding what to wear. Showing up in inappropriate clothing or without proper shoes could result in forfeiture of your shift and access to the festival.
  • Be sure to bring sunscreen, a water bottle, and a snack! Please note, we won’t have anywhere to store your stuff or protect your backpack/bag.
  • You’ll meet up with your Pine Jam Volunteer Coordinator when you arrive to each of your shifts.
  • Be sure to stay at your assigned location and task until you are either taken to another work place or have been dismissed by a Coordinator. That’s the only way that you can be sure that it gets noted that you completed your shift.


Enjoy the experience and do it all over again next year!

Pine Jam Volunteer FAQ

Before applying, please take a minute and read through the Pine Jam Volunteer FAQ, where you can find the answer to a lot of questions you won’t find on this page.


Volunteer Role Descriptions


Welcome and help check in all vendors and volunteers by distributing their credentials and wristbands. Great for anyone who is detailed and enjoys customer service.

Guest Services

Welcome guests and campers into the festival, help place campers, park cars, answer any questions and help with security when needed. Customer service skills are a must for this team.

Recruited Position

Available only for those who have been contacted by a Coordinator for a team we have not listed here.


We have a beautiful park to enjoy and we love to keep it that way! The Sanitation Team members help pick up trash, empty and replace trash cans, and help the park remain clean throughout the week.


Safety and security is a top priority and Pine Jam. The Security Team helps keep a safe environment for all guests by securing various entry points (in the Amphitheater or at the Main Gate).

Stage Crew

Assist in loading/unloading band gear and setting it up/tearing it down for the band performances. Earlier mornings and later nights are required — less busy during the daytime. Must be male, at least 18 years old, and able to lift a minimum of 50 lb.

Setup & Teardown

Assist in setting up the festival on Tuesday and Wednesday before Pine Jam begins and tearing down the festival on Monday (or Sunday afternoon). You will work one shift each day (either 8 AM – 4 PM or 3 PM – 11 PM). Must be at least 18 years old and able to lift a minimum of 50 lb.

Ticket Gate

Sell tickets and distribute wristbands, provide customer service, and welcome guests into Pine Jam. Strong customer service skills and the ability to handle money are a must.


Sell artist and/or Pine Jam merchandise in the Marketplace Tent. Strong customer service skills and the ability to handle money are a must. *Must be at least 18 years old.* 

Pine Jam Volunteer Pledge

Pine Jam Volunteer members are expected to always maintain a high standard of conduct, keeping in mind what would best represent Jesus at all times. By signing up to be a member of the Pine Jam Volunteer, you will be committing to following:

  • I have a relationship with Jesus and strive to live for Him in every area of my life.
  • I commit to doing my best for the Lord and for His glory.
  • I commit to treating everyone at the festival with the utmost love, respect, and kindness.
  • I commit to being drug and alcohol-free while serving at the festival.
  • I commit to dressing modestly and appropriately while serving at the festival.
  • I commit to upholding the Christian standards of living according to God’s Word.
  • I commit to serving all three days of the festival.
  • I understand by breaking this pledge, I am liable to the release of my volunteer duties or to a denial of my application.

Pine Jam Volunteer Applications

Before applying, please read through all of the available information, including the FAQ and Pine Jam Volunteer Descriptions. 


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