Issie Barratt: Every Solo Is A New Invitation

Jan 24, 2020 | jazz

Issie Barratt is one of the most significant jazz educators in Britain today. From 1999-2004, Barratt was head of Jazz at Trinity College of Music but her role as Artistic Director of the National Youth Jazz Collective has been of even greater importance in developing young jazz talent. Now in its, thirteenth year, NYJC goes from strength to strength with a faculty of over seventy tutors, including many of the finest musicians in the country. Crucial in our very male jazz scene are the major efforts that Barratt has made to foster young female talent. NYJC does not just preach diversity. It acts upon it. Last year, for reasons such as these, BBC Radio 4 ranked her at number 38 in their Women in Music Power List.